Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dream Carnival and Paleo-Lab Stills from Xtine's Diary Shoots, 2010/2011

Protacted pontifications from Jeremy. (Conor Gibson)

Sexual dimorphism is often indicated by the canines, as Sullivan is
soon to find out. (Kathleen Bryson, Katharine Balolia)

Post-graduate student Jeremy prepares to pontificate. (Conor Gibson)
The Dream Tree. Smoke rises through the sunlit branches and made for an amazing shot entirely by chance,
an instant jokingly referred to by cinematographer Jessica Cheeseman as her "Kurosawa moment".

The Dream Carnival.
Sullivan (Kathleen Bryson) can never remember what she dreams
after she wakes up, even if she writes it down.
And neither can you.

Catching clouds (Kathleen Bryson)

The Dream Field: Sullivan wakes up, to Life or the Afterlife. You decide. (Kathleen Bryson)

The Wrong House: Don't you hate it when the wallpaper changes,
and the people as well? Sullivan certainly does. (Kathleen Bryson)

Outside the Wrong House: For Sullivan, reality is close,
but possibly just out of reach. And time is running out...
(Kathleen Bryson)

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