Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cast & Crew - The Emmas!

Emma Thimbleby - playing title character X-tine!

Emma is currently studying a Music Techniques and Composition Course at Birkbeck.  Her acting roles to date have included a walk-on part as a greeting lover in the cult film The Viva Voce Virus, some hair acting in Jessica Cheeseman’s short Needle and now, her most challenging role to date, elements of X-tine in X-tine’s Diary.

Emma read Religious Studies and Philosophy at King’s College London before embarking on a series of occupations including teaching (issues with being the voice of authority), nursing (issues with the sight of blood) and finally IT (likes typing).

And... Emma Byrne - playing Helene, one of the two Terror Sisters!

Emma Byrne got her first break in film acting in Katleen Bryson and Kimmo Moykky's previous feature film The Viva Voce Virus as the naive but ambitious Emily. Recent stage productions include several regal roles: she played Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons in the feminist retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Revenge of the Amazons (Network Theatre, London 2011) and Anne of Cleves in the time travelling romantic comedy Time for Love (Network Theatre 2010). She's also reclined in luxury as a penthouse guest in Electric Hotel (Sadler's Wells/Shunt).

She trained at the City Lit Jazz Workshop for several years and has studied voice production and acting at Morley College. She also has several lighting design and prop design credits in both film and theatre. In civilian life she is a research scientist in the Lottolab at University College London studying the origins of colour perception in the brain.

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