Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well, we are now gearing up to film one of the most important and tricky scenes... So stay posted!

In other news, two of the people involved in X-tine's Diary have two short films each being screened next Wednesday (Jess and Kathleen):

TestStrip presents Folklore  |   A.P.T Gallery  |  Wednesday 28 November 2012 at 7pm   
TestStrip is a platform for emerging and established artists to show films 'in progress'. Each of the works has been selected from an open submission.
The idea behind this initiative is that the A.P.T Gallery space will be available for one night to provide a platform for artists to meet, show work and discuss their artistic practice with the audience.
Each piece contains the artist interpretation, and response to the Test Strip 'artistic topic', artists were asked to show their technique, style, and craft through the working theme: Folklore.
Folk tales and folklore go to the heart and the root of man’s understanding and experience of the world in a cryptic form that runs close to reality, but delineates and deviates with subtle meaning and purpose, the purpose that lies in the heart of the tale. This process is important in art, like folk tales art does not simply replicate the real, but engages with the real in an expansive and meaningful way, in ways that are charged with deeper meaning and greater significance.
Folklore and art are both forms of social dialogue and understanding. In TestStrip’s first show these ideas meet, through artists re-thinking folk tales, film art, and most importantly their world.
Folklore  |  Wednesday 28 November 2012 at 7pm
Film works by
Kathleen Bryson
Jessica Cheeseman
Fabienne Khial
Paul Malone
Stuart McAdam
Seeta Muller
Mar Sho
Victoria Rance
TestStrip at A.P.T Gallery  |  Supported by A.P.T Projects a scheme which enables artists to develop their artistic practice and release their potential.
A.P.T Gallery
Harold Wharf
6 Creekside

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