Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Filming is commencing again, yeehaw!

Wow, quite a lot of time has passed since we last posted. Thank you for your patience, Dear Reader. Since last writing there have been new castings, new scenes and new hairdos. 

Having secured a location for our big scene, the next step is to transform a Stockwell pub and music venue into the “Oyster and the Oosik”, a 1920s post-Gold Rush-era Alaskan brothel. More details on our lovely new crew-members coming soon.

Meanwhile, we have been shooting scenes such as the temp agency and Sullivan's weird dreams of terror toddlers.

While Kimmo's editing has been ongoing (which should make final cut – if not a doddle, then at least far easier and less delayed), our regular cast and crew have also been very busy working on extra-curricular projects. Cinematographer Jessica and Kathleen recently had film works screened again at the APT gallery and presented their graphic novel collaboration Winterland at Laydeez do Comics London in the intimidating venue Foyles. Kathleen also presented her illustrated book that was inspired by working on Winterland, Yukon poet Robert Service’s turn-of-the-last-century poem The Cremation of Sam McGee. Here Jessica and Kathleenare immortalised in sketchbook form by artist Helen Blejerman:

Jessica recently had her first public exhibition of two of her paintings at the Elephant and the Nun festival in August. It was a group exhibition curated by arts organisation Nun Pop. Kathleen and Jessica also screened their short documentary Country Matters at the Wotever Film Festival last Tuesday to a shouty, happy and well-meaning audience.

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